Leaf Buying Program

We are developing new products using waste leaves and we want to buy YOUR large fan leaves, or sugar leaves. These leaves need to be collected FRESH. Do you have a harvest coming soon? Use this opportunity to make some extra money from your wasted leaves!

The details:

  • Leaves must be FRESH. NO dry leaves, no old leaves, no yellowed leaves. Please store leaves in the freezer as soon as possible¬†after collecting them, or store in a refrigerator cooler than 45 degrees.
  • Leaves must be CLEAN. NO mold or pests, and NO PESTICIDES.
  • Leaves must be bagged and sorted by one single strain per bag.
  • We prefer hand-plucked and hand wet-trimmed leaves if possible, but we will also purchase machine trimmed leaves.

If you are interested in selling your leaves through this program fill out the contact form below. We will work with you to arrange pickup times that fit your schedule, and we can provide more guidance on how best to collect and store your leaves.